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I'm passionate. I'm creative. I love what I do.

Who i am?

Danny Witvoet, International E-Commerce and (Online) Marketing
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Danny as a very loyal, committed, knowledgable, enthusiastic and friendly guy, who managed two webshop in a professional way. With minimum resources, Danny created a steady growth of visitors, turnover and conversion for both webshops. Great guy to have as a colleague as well as a manager.

Sasha Weil
Marketing & Sales Buddha to Buddha

Dannyis a very knowledge, decisive and sincere person with a good sense of humor. He has a clear vision about the online market and knows what is going on in the market. A nice person to work with who goes for results!

Tjitte Folkertsma

Danny is very enterprising, results-oriented, goal-oriented and ambitious. He can motivate his team well and shares his knowledge about the online market in the right way to take the company to a higher level. A very nice person to work for and with.

Maud Prins
Selected Labels
Danny Witvoet Projects Buddha to Buddha
Danny Witvoet Brächa Design E-Commerce Online Marketing
Danny Witvoet E-Commerce Digital Manager

Creating a Brand

Check out the Selected LABELS Promo Video.

With this Video we’ve reveiled a bit of the way we’ve exceded expectation in building a brand, personalisation, shopping experience and creating emotion. With these tweaks the CLV was spectacular.