Buddha to Buddha


Buddha to Buddha needed their own corporate Webstore. They’ve asked me to start it up, with (VERY) limited funds. The webstore needed to be integrated in their already excisting website, but needed to be on an E-Commerce platform. Because the corporate website hardly had any branding, it was a challenge to create the right look and feel for the webstore.


Because I had to work with a tight budget, I’ve decided to intergrate the webstore in my already excisting webshop Selected Labels. Build on a Magento platform. In close coorporation with Studio Raar and Media CT, I’ve launched an incredible website within 2 months.  Since Buddha to Buddha has a high standard in relation to their product, the packaging needed to be branded as well.


Within the first couple of months, the site dominated the Google rankings and made turnovers beyond our imagination. Because of the SEO strategy, the turnover increased every month, making the ROI magnificent.
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