Selected LABELS


We wanted to start up a high end jewellery and fashion accessoires Webstore with limited funds. There was already firm competition with good SEO rankings.


For this startup I’ve chosen to use the Magento platform. Together with an awesome development team (Seeds Commerce) we’ve launched the first edition of Selected Labels. The second edition (re-launch) we’ve collaborated with Studio Raar. Together we’ve developed a completely fine tuned branding and webdesign.


Due to our high customer care, branding/feeling online and strategic SEO, within 6 months we were in the top rankings with the main keywords. After 12 months, we were definitive market leader in jewellery and Fashion accessories. Our customer engagement and customer satisfaction helped us stay on the top. Because of my great team, we were able to spot trends far ahead, so besides market leader, we also became trend setters, accelerating the growth of our company even more.
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